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Book Review~Significance by Shelly Crane

Significance by Shelly Crane
June 12, 2011- Indie SP
Kindle Edition- 330 Pages

Maggie's just on cusp of a real life, she's smart, pretty and has a butt load of college potential least that was Maggie's life a year ago. Now on the night of her high school graduation, happiness that seemed possible before is now plagued with depression over her mom leaving, her father becoming a dried up shell who lost the will to live and her long time boyfriend trading in his together forever card in exchange for a lets just be friends. With no college plans, no boyfriend, and no money to take care of herself, the odds are slim and with the future hanging in the air, you guessed it, life sucks.

Drowning in her sorrows, Maggie finally agrees to go on a date with a guy who has been bugging her for months, figuring it can only cheer her up, what Maggie doesn't realize is that her decision will change everything, and not only for the course of her life, but her mind, her body and heart forever. On her way to meet the lucky guy, she stumbles upon Caleb, a random stranger waiting to cross the street, but also a member of a family clan who are not just human, but super humans with talents and gifts ranging from healing to mind reading. As they wait, Caleb crosses the road distracted and when he is almost hit by a truck, Maggie saves his life and the two wind up piled together on the sidewalk. One touch is all it takes to set a chain of events in motion that launch these strangers into a surprising journey of love, suspense and action. 

Tradition in Caleb's family legacy always involved imprinting, two people who would become soul mates binding together in order to ascend and receive special powers, but an imprint hasn't happened in many years, so long that much of the younger generation believes it to be myths. So when Caleb imprints on Maggie (think: Twilight's Jacob) its a miracle and joyous time for the family, ones who are supportive, talented themselves and of course rich. Maggie, understandably is overwhelmed because she herself changes and becomes physically, emotionally and supernaturally connected to Caleb, their lives are twined as one heartbeat and as they get closer the fire between them burns into a tangible electricity that no one can come between. Although one group, a rival clan (and only other superhumans) when learning of Caleb's imprint, become freaked out for Caleb and Maggie to receive powers, angered that it will make them weaker and hell bent on preventing it from happening they plot a scheme to go after Maggie and break the couple up, either by death or a prevention of ascending, because without each other they each die. Darn you evil plotters!! Can Caleb save Maggie? Can Maggie save Caleb? Only time will tell as they race against the clock to ascension.

The insta-love in this story was about as bad as a blast of Axe body spray hitting your face, Maggie and Caleb's mega-second meeting of the minds rushes them and us into a scenario of supernatural elements that connect them body and soul, so what normally takes couples years to achieve in trust, closeness and intimacy happens overnight for Maggie and Caleb. This of course intensifies the story and works to push the overnight love into a believable sometimes annoying plot device, because while the two feel physical pain apart and physical pleasure together they each still struggle to deal with the intense feelings, bringing the annoying aspect (insta-love) into perspective.

I dig the story line Crane created with Significance it was clever and certainly an entertaining concept, where I had a hard time with this was in its pacing and overall presentation. The dialog, actions and scenes had major repetition problems, and where the plot was desperately in need of flushing out, the reader is led down bunny trails that never get resolved or we see missed opportunities for character development. Sometimes there would be pages of build up with no outcome, it was frustrating because I knew what I wanted to read, yet it never played out that way. So I'm on the fence with this one, where Crane's presentation came up short, her characters and writing show great potential, however lack of depth, fluidity and its novice structure makes me hesitate to finish the series.


Significance is suitable for mature teen readers (16&up) and contains: Violence, kidnapping, mild language and mild sexuality, including a few intense make-out scenes.

2.5/5- Mature Ya- Paranormal-Thriller (Think action-hero's)


  1. "The insta-love in this story was about as bad as a blast of Axe body spray hitting your face"---OMG LOL! You are too funny Tina! Sad when an author takes the easy way out rather than putting a little time in developing the love interest...(even if there is some sort of fate,destiny, mind meld additional factor)

    1. LOL....yeah it was fun writing that line...:D I hear the series get better as it go's

  2. "The insta-love in this story was about as bad as a blast of Axe body spray hitting your face"...LMAO! Yeah, I hate Axe and I don't care how hot the guy and girl in the commercial can get, the stuff is NASTY! Unfortunately, the hallways of my office is constantly assaulted with this "fragrance". So yeah, I'm staying clear out of this book's way.

    1. HAHA- oh my gosh I can only imagine with all those kids!!! Everytime I walk into my daughters JR high I smell, feet, peanut butter and plastic

  3. I feel like I can't escape the couple on this cover. They are EVERYWHERE! I've seen them on at least 4 different book series, most notably obviously being Obsidian/Opal, and you know it's bad when I can recognize them without their faces even being shown:) Too bad on the insta-love in this one, that's becoming a deal breaker for me when reading. My patience for it is dwindling more and more each time I run across an insta love scenario. I think I might pass on this one Tina!

    1. YES!! This is a popular couple right now.....I like the dudes face a little but they annoy me. LOL just because Im sick of seeing them.


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